Herd Health consults, BVD testing, vaccination schedules, Veterinary Feed Directives, and health management plans are some of the services offered at Washington Veterinary Clinic.  We are happy to  make farm visits or have a conference room at the clinic for client consultation.  Washington Veterinary Clinic currently performs consulting and management for several cattle ranches, feedlots, dairies and hog operations around North Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska.  We also work closely with several nutritional companies to offer year round custom nutrition management plans for your livestock.

Large Animal Hospital

Our hospital is fully capable of taking care of your large animal needs.  There is a hydraulic chute and pens in one area of the facility that we use for variou types of cattle work.  Our facility is designed for low stress handling with safety of the patient and person in mind.  WVC is capable of in house semen testing of bulls as well a cesarean sections on cows.  We also have a hydraulic tilt table for bovine hoof care and treatment of other injuries.