Our hospital here at WVC is fully capable of taking care of your large animal needs. There is a hydraulic chute and pens in one area of the facility that we use for various types of cattle work. Our Facility is designed for low stress handling with safety of the patient and person in mind. We also have an indoor head catch chute for many of the surgeries that we perform on cattle. We offer a hydraulic tilt table for bovine hoof care, lameness, and the treatment of other injuries.

Calf Hospital
Here at WVC we have a haul in facility in which we can treat dehydrated scouring calves while administering IV fluids and electrolytes in a clean, temperature-controlled environment.  We have many calf boxes to accommodate multiple patients at once. Our in-house lab is capable of analyzing blood from sick or down animals. We can perform fecal egg counts and prescribe appropriate anthelmintic treatment. We strongly encourage post-mortem exams and work closely with diagnostic laboratories to achieve a reliable diagnosis and ensure the proper steps are taken to effectively treat and prevent the spread of disease. We also have a manual calf chute and pen in our outside facilities that we use for various calf work. Our calf chute also tilts to treat different injuries. Our calf tub helps us keep a stress-free environment for both the animal and the client.

We perform a variety of general bovine surgeries. We offer splinting or casting of fractured limbs in lighter weight calves with appropriate breaks. Surgery options that we provide include cosmetic dehorns, castrations, umbilical repair, hernia repair, removal of teats, displaced abomasum surgeries, penile resection surgery, replacing prolapses of the rectum, vagina, uterus, and cesarean sections, and many more! We have a clean temperature-controlled surgery room in which any of these surgeries can be performed.


If there is something else that you are interested in but don’t see listed please do not hesitate to contact us!

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