At WVC, we are pleased to offer a variety of healthcare services for our small ruminant and porcine patients as well! We are available for farm calls and can accommodate some small ruminants in the hospital for more advanced care or surgical procedures.


Wellness Services: In addition to routine health examinations, we offer health certificates. WVC will perform tusk and hoof trimmings. We can also obtain blood samples to screen your animals for disease. We can also assist you in developing a parasite control plan. We offer post-mortem services as well.

Reproductive Services: Reproductive ultrasound services are available.

Surgical Services: A few of the surgical services we offer include routine castration and c-section.

Small Ruminants

Wellness Exams: We can provide general health examinations, health certificates, as well as annual vaccinations post-mortem examinations, and hoof trimmings.

Herd Health: We can help you to design a parasite control plan to suit the needs of your herd, as well as obtain blood samples to test for diseases. We offer semen quality testing. Veterinary Feed Directives.

Surgical Services: We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures both in the field and in our office. This includes: dehorning, castration, c-sections, and prolapses. We also have the option of running IV fluids and supportive care.

If there is something else that you are interested in but don’t see listed please do not hesitate to contact us!